My First Blog Post

Making time and space for God.

My First Blog Post

It doesn’t matter if you are a pope or a parent, living as a faithful Catholic starts with making time and space for God. A pope can fill his day with activities and at the end of it everyone might think he’s doing a great job, but we know he’s not a good pope unless his foundation is prayer.

The same is true for families. Making time and space for God is essential to Catholic family life. First and foremost is Sunday Mass. Here’s some hints to successfully making Mass THE PRIORITY of your family:

  1. Make Mass the Immovable part of the week. Choose the earliest Mass time possible and build your entire Sunday around it. Trying to fit it in will always make Mass secondary.
  2. Plan a reward for attending Mass. If the parish doesn’t build in doughnuts after Mass, plan a treat. Celebrate Sundays!
  3. Always have a backup Mass. If something goes wrong with your preferred Mass time, know your parish Sunday schedule or your neighboring parishes.